Our History


Our History

Living Out a Promise. “I am coming back for you!” “...when I grow up, I will come for all of you, Amen…” were words promised daily by a young, orphaned girl in Uganda.

In 2009, those impassioned, never forgotten, words of Petra Otee Mangesho, became the driving force behind the founding of Petra Kids Ministries, a 501-c (3) organization in the USA. Today, those words continue to work to restore hope and build dreams for orphaned and impoverished children in Aduku, Uganda and beyond.

Many children are forced into day labor to help provide for their families, and those who are fortunate enough to attend class must do so under trees or in poor quality government facilities. In northern Uganda, three out of four children are unable to continue their education beyond elementary school, resulting in a 90% illiteracy rate.

In response to those alarming statistics, Petra Christian School was formed to provide a learning environment grounded on Biblical principles that empower and develop children spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually who are in desperate need of a quality education.

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