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Prayer Calendar

January - Pray for Students

Students, coming back to school, starting new classes. Others are getting promoted to Secondary School (High School), stepping into new vocations or college.

Pray for the success of the students. For the Headmaster (principle) and staff as they prepare their curriculum.

February - Pray for Serious Learning

Pray for wisdom for the students. That they would be able to understand, and patience for students and staff. Pray for provision for their physical needs and spiritual needs, those areas to be met.

March - Pray for Staff & Students

Pray for patience and wisdom for staff and students. Pray for provision for their physical needs, and for their spiritual needs to be met.

April - Pray for Fundraiser

Fundraiser successful, that we meet our financial goal for the year, keep kids in school, keep staff on board, and expand programs. Pray for guidance for the board, and for financial blessings, favor with the donors, and for volunteers. For God to send workers.

May - Pray for Health

Pray for students and our clinic nurse during malaria season.

June - Pray for Volunteers
Volunteers, people to come with us to Africa on mission trip. Preparing for our trip to be successful, with enough people on the team, experience Uganda and the children. For us to meet the goals on the ground, connect with the children, and bring hope and love. Allowing God to use the team the best way He wants to.
July - Pray for Children
Continue to pray for children, that all children are able to remain in school, people continue to offer support and scholarships, keep the staff on board.

For the Board, that God would give us wisdom to stay the course and wisdom for the season, as we plan the year.

August - Pray for Choir
Pray for the children in our choir, touring to raise awareness for the plight of orphans in the area.
September - Pray for Food
September, October, and November are dry months where famine is rampant. Our kids in the school get one meal a day, and boarders in the dorms get 3 meals a day. A lot of kids have friends or family without food.
October - Pray for Events
Pray for our events as we gather to thank the donors who provide scholarships. Pulling together those who have been instrumental, saying thank you.
November - Pray for the Board
Board: prepare well for the General meeting where supporters and donors can attend. That it would be successful, and help answer questions from our donors and supporters.
December - Pray for All Children

Pray for children in Uganda, having plenty of food to celebrate. Give back where we collect stocking stuffers like crayons, socks, jump ropes, and backpacks.

As we remember the seasons here, remember the kids.


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