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April 14th, 2019

The “Coming Back for you Cross”

Sister Mary Lee Weaver one of our faithful partners of PKM asked me the story behind my custom made necklace by Bill Derrevere Jewelry Tulsa recently.

Here’s the story behind this awesome piece. This Cross bears an inscription on it “coming back for you”. I made this promise as a little 7/8 yr old orphaned girl, I had imagined a community with no more kids going hungry, shoeless, jiggers in their feet, ringworms, no education, clean water ????, no shelter to lay their heads at night and obviously no security. I felt at the time a force pushing me to do something not just about my own situation but my fellow children with whom we suffered the same fate of hopelessness and neglect. I imagined a world where a child would be free to be a child, protected by adults and of course given the opportunity for education. The opportunity to dream big about whom they wanted to become in future.

Today 10 yrs later, here we stand. We continue to witness his love, mercy & great faithfulness wrapped all around us through faithful friends and partners around the world. Thanks for helping me answer to the promise “Coming back for you”. We’re making great strides with the Lord’s help and your support.

Much much blessings from Petra Kids Ministries Inc USA & all our partner schools & projects in Uganda.

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