Core Values


Spiritual Development


A place to call home

Although Petra Kids Ministries is not an orphanage, most of our students are orphans living with extended family members. Many of them are not safe at home. Our four dormitories provide a haven for these children, staff, and on-site volunteers.

We believe all children belong in a family environment and in a nurturing community. That is why the Petra Kids Ministries’ residential model focuses on creating as close to a family environment as possible.


A bridge to a brighter future

Petra Christian School began in 2009 with just 25 children in Pre-K, usually in a “classroom” under a tree. From that humble start, we now serve upto 500 students a year, from early childhood through secondary school.

After graduating, our students go on to work in agriculture, construction, mechanics, IT, and fashion. Some have opened their own businesses, employing and training others. Over 250 of our students have gone on to attend college and other higher institutions of learning.


They have to be full to learn

Many of our students receive their only meal for the entire day from Petra Kids Ministries. Hunger is a major issue in Uganda and around the world. At our school and dorms, we serve over 170,000 meals a year.

The effects of malnutrition can be devastating. Malnutrition contributes to physical and mental impairment, which can be devastating in developing children. Petra Kids Ministries helps provide the nutrition necessary for growing children.

Our farm provides opportunities for students to learn agricultural skills and meet the nutritional needs of our students. We grow corn, beans, and watermelons. Last year, we grew enough watermelons to sell.


On-site clinic

We keep our students well and help them fight common yet sometimes deadly diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and dysentery – the three leading killers of children in Uganda.

Donors provide critical aid to help keep our medical clinic supplied with vaccines and first aid supplies for treating burns, broken bones, and other accidental injuries. We have a nurse on staff, and a visiting doctor.

Spiritual Development

Sharing hope and love

The children gain hope, hear the gospel, and learn about the Bible – an essential part of spiritual development. We also provide leadership training. Each child has a mentor devoted to helping them develop spiritually.

Along with their regular studies, students are encouraged to participate in daily devotions, Sunday services, choir, and other events throughout the year. Our children’s choir tours the country, helping raise awareness about the plight of orphans.

Impact Report 2023

Discover how our initiatives have made a difference and explore the stories behind the numbers. Our report highlights:

– The measurable impact of our programs and services
– Progress towards our strategic goals
– Insightful testimonials from those we serve
– Financial performance and stewardship
– Our plans and outlook for the future

Make a Difference

Connect with us and let us restore hope and build dreams for the future in Uganda.