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Over the past 11 years, the ministry has grown to serve 400+ students, ages preschool through college/ university. Many student sponsors have actually continued to support their students allowing them to move on to secondary and higher educational opportunities.

  • While nearly 90% of all Ugandan children attend some level of primary school, only 53% actually complete it.
  • PKM is hoping to identify sponsors for as many of the currently unsponsored students as possible at an average cost of $400 per year/$33 dollars per month before April, 2021.
  • No contribution is too small whether through sharing your prayers, donations, or full sponsorships.
  • Your support is the beginning of a long term relationship with the students of Petra Kids Ministries.
  • You may communicate with our students by sending an email to or request further information at

Help Send a Student to Secondary School

At an average cost of approximately (high school) and $1,000 (university) a year, continuing education is nearly impossible without your help. Please consider sponsoring a child or donating a monthly amount to help cover the costs. When you sponsor a secondary student, at the end of each term you will receive a copy of his or her grades and a letter from the student. This holds the student accountable and provides the sponsor a means to assess the student's progress. *For information on visiting us at our headquarters to learn about our immediate and long terms goals, call 918-928-5505

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