Central Focus

For a student to survive and thrive in a difficult world, PKM works to provide them with:


Although PKM is not an orphanage, many of our students are orphans, most of whom live with extended family members.

We believe all children belong in a family environment and in a nurturing community. That is why the Petra Kids Ministries' residential model focuses on creating as close to a family environment as possible for those students that board on campus.



Petra Christian School began with just 25 children in Pre-K in 2009, usually in a “classroom” under a tree. From that humble start, Petra Christian School now serves more than 400 students from Early Childhood through Secondary School and other Highier Institution of Learning.



In order to keep our students well and help them fight common, yet sometimes deadly diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and dysentery (the three leading killers of children in Uganda). Your gift toward medical aid will help keep our medical clinic supplied with not only vaccines, but first aid supplies for treating burns, broken bones and other accidental injuries.

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Nutrition & Hygiene

The heading “Nutrition & Hygiene” should be changed to “Nutrition” Many of our students receive their only meal for the entire day from the Petra Christian School. Hunger is a major issue in Uganda and around the world.

The effects of malnutrition can be devastating. Malnutrition contributes to physical and mental impairment, which can be most devastating in developing children. PKM supplies basic foods that provide the nutrition necessary for growing children.


Spiritual Development

The children are given hope as the gospel is shared and they learn about the Bible, an essential key to spiritual development.

Along with their regular studies, students are encouraged to participate in daily devotions, Sunday services and other religiously oriented events throughout the year.

Consider becoming a volunteer with Petra Kids Ministries.

If you have the gift of time to help with tasks such as light office work, supporting our banquet committee, and other needs which occur from time to time, we welcome your participation. Please click the Become A Volunteer button to explore how your talents and our requirements can fit together.
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