Financial Accountability

Donors and Sponsors are our most important resource. It is only fair that those committing to the vision of Petra Kids Ministries (PKM) feel assured that we are good stewards of their contributions.

We’re Accountable to you, our donors and sponsors

Petra Kids Ministries was founded in 2009 by Petra Otee Mangesho. This 501(c)(3) organization has grown from one woman with a vision to a substantial non-profit corporation supporting the Petra Christian School in Aduku, Uganda which serves a surrounding population of approximately 36,000 in northern Uganda.

The children served by the school either live in extreme poverty, or are orphaned by the loss of parents due to HIV-AIDS, alcoholism, drug addictions and/or ongoing conflicts that still ravage the country.

Petra Kids Ministries raises the funds needed to run and maintain its programs and activities through general donations, child sponsorships, scholarships, fundraising events and donations from both national and international donors.


Overall Operations

PKM is a financially transparent organization with CPA level accounting and periodic reviews, which assures donors and sponsors their contributions are applied and used as directed


Program Operations

Operations on the ground in Uganda are managed by a well-qualified, gifted and committed team of administrators, teachers and support staff. These team members believe in the PKM Mission. A number of them have sacrificed higher wages and more accommodating living conditions to help make the vision for the ministry a reality.

Consider becoming a volunteer with Petra Kids Ministries.

If you have the gift of time to help with tasks such as light office work, supporting our banquet committee, and other needs which occur from time to time, we welcome your participation. Please click the Become A Volunteer button to explore how your talents and our requirements can fit together.
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